Forms And Applications
Student Services Department
Student Application Form
The Student Application Form is your first step toward joining our Kingston Family. This form is designed to gather essential information and help us to understand your education background, preferred courses and specific needs you may have. 
Student Request Form

Student Request Form can be used to apply for a range of services including transfer request, withdrawal request, and refund requests. 

Indemnity Form - for Student Activity

This form serves as an agreement whereby student acknowledge the risks involved when student attended the student activity and agree not to hold Kingston official liable for any injuries during their participations. 

Update Particulars

It is important that you complete this form whenever there are changes to your personal information. Timely updates ensure that you receive important notices and information from the college, and help us maintain accurate and secure records in compliance with privacy regulations.


The Course Deferment Request is a formal application available to enrolled students at Kingston International College who need to temporarily suspend their studies due to personal, medical, or other significant reasons. This form allows you to request a pause in your education in a structured manner, ensuring that you can return to your studies without any disadvantage.

Only available for Degree level courses and above.

*All the above forms (excluding Student Application Form) are only available for enrolled students. Non-student request will be ignored. Please submit student services forms to

Academic Department
Student Leave Form

Kingston recognize the importance of balancing academic commitments with personal well-being and other responsibilities. The Student Leave Form is designed for students who need to request temporary absence from their studies for valid reasons such as health issues, family commitments, or other urgent personal matters.

Re-examination Form

This form allows students to formally request a re-examination in one or more modules. Re-examinations are offered to help students achieve the required competency in their course of study and are subject to academic approval. There is a fee of $109 per module for re-examination.

Module Result Appeal Form
This form allows students to appeal the marks received in an examination if you believe there has been an error in grading or an oversight during the assessment process. There is a fee of $109 per module for filing an appeal.
Misconduct Appeal Form

This form provides a structured means for students to contest decisions made in cases of academic or behavioral misconduct. It is an essential part of our commitment to fairness and transparency, allowing for a thorough review of the circumstances and evidence associated with the misconduct charge.

Certificate/Transcript Request

This form allows graduates to specify their preferred mode of receiving their academic certificate. Whether you choose to collect it in person, receive it by mail, or have it sent to a designated representative, we aim to deliver your certificate in the most convenient and secure manner possible.

*Fees may apply for some services

*All the above forms are only available for enrolled students. Non-student request will be ignored. Please submit the academic forms to

Fee Payment Form

This form is your primary tool to confirm the payments to the college. It helps to ensure that all financial transactions are recorded accurately and matched to your student account without any discrepancies.

Feedback Form

This form provides a direct channel for students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to express their opinions and suggestions. The insights gathered from your feedback are crucial for driving improvements and ensuring that our college meets the needs and expectations of our community.