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About Kingston

At Kingston, we give our students access to an excellent education in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Our students are provided with a well-rounded education and education pathways to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge.

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We adopt innovative, student-centric teaching methodologies that enhance students’ learning experience. Supported by high-caliber staff and education facilities that provide students with a comfortable, conducive learning environment, we nurture our students to realize their full potential.

We strongly believe that education philosophy and teaching pedagogy can accelerate students’ progress in learning and develop them into responsive, committed and high-achieving individuals. This unique opportunity adds a rich and valuable dimension to both young children and adult learners’ education experience.

Our Vision
  • To be an industry and career focused school to meet the needs of a diverse and quick changing society.
Our Mission
  • To discover, create, apply and share knowledge, and to inculcate ethical values and creativity in students through The Kingston Programme.
  • To help students to be more open minded and globally adaptable to changes which will in turn expand their intellectual horizon.
  • To aid students in attaining knowledge and technical expertise necessary for a successful career.
Our Values
  • K : Knowledge-Building
  • I : Innovation and Imagination
  • S : Sharing and Support
  • Care : To provide a supportive learning environment
At Kingston International College

We are committed to ensuring that our students remain employable. CLICK HERE to view the latest Graduate Outcomes. Should students and graduates require student outcome data

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