Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
1 Lesson
3 Hours
Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism




This comprehensive course provides an in-depth understanding of marketing strategies and their application within the hospitality industry. It covers an overview of the hospitality sector, including lodging, food and beverage, recreation, and tourism, emphasising its unique characteristics and dynamics. The course delves into strategic planning and defining marketing’s role in achieving business objectives, developing business portfolios, and growth strategies. It includes market segmentation, targeting, and positioning to create value for customers, along with differentiation and positioning strategies to build competitive advantages and customer loyalty. Additionally, the course explores product and service classifications, branding strategies, and services marketing to build strong brands and manage service quality. It also emphasizes the importance of supply chains and value delivery networks, focusing on the design and management of marketing channels, including logistics and supply chain management. The course integrates theoretical concepts with practical examples and case studies, equipping students with the skills to effectively design and implement marketing strategies that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business success in the dynamic and competitive hospitality landscape.