Mr. Ryan Goh Ming Feng

Mr. Goh Ming Feng is the CEO of Kingston International College. He is also a current Director of Singapore Raffles Music College, Kingston Learning Centre and Ace 99 Cultural Pte Ltd.

Ryan holds an Bachelor Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering (2nd Class Upper) from the National University of Singapore. He has more than 7 years of experience in the education industry and has covered various roles ranging from lecturing, Head of Departments, Senior Management and also serving on the School Advisory Board for Qihua Primary School. He is a firm believer in benefiting others through quality education thereby inspiring people to exceed their own limitations.

Arts, Cultural, Educational Events (Ace99 Cultural Pte Ltd) was established in 1999, and is committed to develop the arts and education scene in Singapore. Their programmes are constantly evolving and they strive to provide quality and value added experiences for all their clients.

Kingston International College provides access to an excellent education in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, Singapore. Their students are provided with a well-rounded education and education pathways to equip them with necessary industry relevant skillsets and knowledge. The college adopts innovative, student-centric teaching methodologies that enhance students’ learning experience.

The college strongly believes that education philosophy and teaching pedagogy can accelerate students’ progress in learning and develop them into responsive, committed and high-achieving individuals. This unique opportunity adds a rich and valuable dimension to both young children and adult learners education experience.