Master of Arts Education Leadership and Management

The Master of the Arts Education Leadership and Management is an innovative programme that allows learners to approach education as a multi-dimensional discipline, exploring educational issues through economic, social, political and professional lenses.

Course Objective
Course Objective
The Master of the Arts Education Leadership and Management is an innovative programme that allows learners to approach education as a multi-dimensional discipline, exploring educational issues through economic, social, political and professional lenses. The programme is aimed at educationalists, not only those working in school settings but also those wishing to prepare for original research at postgraduate level, or seeking a career in education leadership and management, policy making, educational consultancy and the civil service. The programme is ideal for individuals looking to develop advanced critical and theoretical perspectives on a broad range of educational matters in a national and international context; it provides an excellent opportunity for learners to develop both intellectually and professionally. For example, the practice-focused modules, such as 'Reflecting on Practice', will allow learners to reflect critically on aspects of learners’ own practice, and widen learners’ understanding of the latest teaching developments and education research at local, regional, national and international levels. Modules such as 'Comparative Education’ will enable learners to explore the changing world of education in the context of social, political, economic and cultural globalisation. Modules such as 'Leading in a Complex World' and 'People, Work and Organisations' will address the needs of executives and managers in today's dynamic environment by focusing on strategic leadership in the context of complexity and change, as well as organisational management. Undertaking the programme will enable learners to demonstrate to employers a level of critical and intellectual rigour, which can place them at the forefront of key educational careers. Learners will have the opportunity to demonstrate the capacity for sustained and systematic engagement with current evidence-driven curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, international education developments, leadership and management and contemporary policy matters. This can potentially put our learners in a stronger position for progression, promotion and leadership in education.
Course Outcome
The broad aims of the programme are to enable the student to:
  • Develop as a reflective, research-led and ethical educational practitioner, leader and researcher
  • Approach education as an academic discipline, encompassing an array of formal, informal, local and global perspectives on education
  • Critically examine, including via an independent research project, a wide range of contemporary educational issues and theories, while focusing on those that relate more directly to student’s own interests and/or practice
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of educational leadership and management for public, private and not-for-profit organisations and will equip student with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to lead educational developments in the contemporary world.
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Course Outcome
Duration of Study and Contact Hours
12 months institutional studies(Full-time) 3 hours per day, 5 days a week Total Hours: 384 hours
  • Reflecting on Practice
  • Education, Employment and Professional Identity
  • Leading in Complex World
  • Comparative Education
  • People, Work and Organisations
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation – Main Research
Mode of Teaching
Face-to-Face Delivery via
  • Lecture Sessions
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Tutorial Sessions
  • Class Discussion
  • Group Work
Teaching materials will be made available to staff and students via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support the modules on this programme.
  • Access core material and readings for the course
  • Submit assignments and receive feedback on them
  • Participate in learning activities and communicate with peers and tutors
  • Access student support
Teacher to Student Ratio
Medium of Instruction
Graduation Requirements
Students will be awarded the Master of Arts Education Leadership and Management by Keele University if they achieve 180 credits (all compulsory modules for the programme).
Required Documents
  • Application Form
  • Passport Photocopy of Applicant
  • Certified Copy of Highest Qualification Certificates and Transcripts
  • 2 Passport Size Photograph
  • CV (For Mature Candidates)
Assessment Schedule
Semester Module(s) Assessment Schedule
1 Comparative Education Tentatively on Weeks 15 and 16
Leading in a Complex World
Reflecting on Practice
Research Methods
2 Research Methods (continued) Tentatively on Weeks 19 & 20
People, Work and Organisations
Education, Employment and Professional Identity
3 Dissertation – Main Research Project Tentatively on Week 13
Note: Actual dates of the assessments may vary to better fit students’ learning progress. Students will be informed by the class lecturer if there are changes. All students must ensure they are available to attend the scheduled assessments. The school will not reschedule assessments for circumstances that are considered reasonably in the student's control, such as personal commitments, travel, and social engagements.
Age Requirement
Minimum 21 years of age
Language Requirements
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.0, or
  • Kingston International College's English Placement Test, or
  • Other English Language Proficiency Tests (TOEFL etc) – will be considered on a case-by-case basis
Academic Requirements
  • A minimum of 2:2 undergraduate degree or a UK Master’s degree (or international equivalent), or
  • A third-class Honours degree or an Ordinary degree (without Honours) or UK equivalent professional qualification with a minimum of 2 years’ appropriate work experience
  • Applicants who do not hold a recognised degree will be asked to provide evidence which demonstrates a minimum of 3 years’ relevant experience in Education.
Mature Candidates:
  • Are 30 years and above at the time of registration; and
  • Have at least 8 years of verifiable working experience; and
  • Provide a detailed resume with contact details of past and present employers
All applicants are subjected to the School’s assessment of eligibility for entry into the programme.
Course Fees Price (SGD$) (With GST, if any)
Tuition Fees 14,190.00
Student Registration Fee 300
University Fee 3,500
Assessment Fee 1,500
Medical Insurance 200
Student Pass Application and Issuance Fee 100
Fee Protection Fees 1,000
Course Materials 1,500
Subtotal 22,290.00
GST 9% 2006.10
Total Course Fees Payable 24296.10

(Prices above are inclusive of GST)

Miscellaneous Fees Price (SGD$) (With GST, if any)
Student Pass Renewal Processing Fees 275
College Application Fees (Non-refundable) 570
Medical Check-Up 55
Re-Mark Assessment Fee / Certificate Reprint 491
Re-Assessment Fee / Late Entry Assessment Fee (per module) 327
Re-Module (per credit) 164
Course Deferment 109
Additional Fee Protection Scheme (for Re-module or Extension of Course Duration) 275
Graduation Fee (Local) Up to 540
Late Payment Fee (per month) 109
Certificate Courier Fee 109
College Uniform 21.80

(Prices above are inclusive of GST)
* The fees will be revised from time to time without prior notice