Specialist Diploma in Internet and Social Media Marketing

The Specialist Diploma in Internet and Social Media Marketing allows students to master the skills and knowledge of an effective Internet Marketer.

Course Objective
Course Objective
The Specialist Diploma in Internet and Social Media Marketing allows students to master the skills and knowledge of an effective Internet Marketer. Students will undergo rigorous and robust learning curriculum designed to equip and enable the student to fulfil the Internet and Social Media Marketing needs of major brands as a highly valued employee, or build a business as an entrepreneur to meet the growing demands of small and medium-sized businesses for high return-on-investment online marketing campaigns.
Course Outcome
Students should be able to immediately implement strategies in their respective companies and businesses. The aims are to provide a qualification that:
  • Identifies social media and internet platforms that complement the marketing strategies of companies
  • Provides alignment of company mindsets to prepare them for social media strategies
  • Plans and executes a comprehensive social media strategy
  • Creates highly effective Internet marketing direct-response campaigns that produce a positive and high return-on-investment (ROI) for businesses through the generation of quality traffic, and conversation of traffic to leads and/or sales
  • Builds growth and preserve the brand equity of organisations through the use of organic and viral social media, in a way that reflects the organisation’s values and roles in society and the marketplace
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Course Outcome
Duration of Study
Six (6) months (360 hours)
  • The Blueprint for Online Business
  • The Art of Building Digital Assets
  • The Science of Traffic Generation and Engagement
  • The Tools for Sustainable Digital Success
  • The Pathway to Becoming a Mediapreneur
Mode of Teaching
Classroom-based Lessons, Class Discussions, Pair and Group Work, Practical and Online Sessions
Teacher to Student Ratio
1: 40
Medium of Instruction
English Language
Graduation Requirements
Students will be awarded the Specialist Diploma in Internet and Social Media Marketing, if they achieve at least a Pass grade in all 5 modules of the course and has at least 90% of attendance rate. Students who successfully completed the Specialist Diploma in Internet and Social Media Marketing can progress onto general degrees offered at other institutions.
Required Documents
  • Application Form
  • Passport Photocopy of Applicant
  • Certified Copy of Highest Qualification Certificates and Transcripts
  • 2 Passport Size Photograph
  • CV (For Mature Candidates)
Age requirements
Applicants should be at least 17 years of age at the time of registration
Language requirements
Minimum C6 in English at ‘O’ Levels or equivalent  
Academic requirements
Minimum 3 GCE ‘O’ Level credits (in any subjects) or equivalent
For Mature Candidates
  • Are 21 years and above at the time of registration; and
  • Have at least 2 years of verifiable working experience; and
  • Provide a detailed resume with contact details of past and present employers
  All applications are subject to the College's assessment of eligibility for entry into the programme.
Course Fees Price (SGD$)
Tuition Fees 10,200
Examination Fee 300
Course Material Fees 700
College Administration Fee 100
Medical Insurance 120
Student Pass Application and Issuance Fee 180
Fee Protection Scheme 500
Subtotal 12,100
GST 9% 1,089
Total Course Fees Payable 13,189

(Prices above are inclusive of GST)

Miscellaneous Fees Price (SGD$)
Student Pass Renewal Processing Fees 275
School Application Fees (Non-refundable) 350
Medical Check-Up 55
Re-Mark Examination Fee / Certificate Reprint 164
Re-Examination Fee / Late Entry Exam Fee (per module) 109
Graduation Fee (Local) Up to 540
Late Payment Fee (per month) 109
Request for Hard Copy of e-Transcript / e-Certificate 55
Certificate Courier Fee (Certificate + Transcript) 71
College Uniform 21.80

(Prices above are inclusive of GST)
*The fee will be revised from time to time without prior notice